Piano projekt Assocciation started its projects back in 2010 with Kemal Gekić Summer School. Prof. Gekić is a Croatian-born pianist with international career mainly in USA and Japan. His summer school atracts pianists mostly from Japan. Some of them came back 5 or 6 times, attracted by the professional level of master classes and the beauty of Split itself. The Piano Loop Festival was the natural offshoot of the Summer School because of its success and a growing number of interested pianists. Therefore I invited several other respected piano professors to accompany prof. Gekic in the master classes. Beside the teaching part, there were also numerous piano recitals organized daily in the local museums. And thus the idea for the festival was born.

Our 2016 Season was filled with inspiration, great performances, interesting collaborations and the continuation of one of the greatest ventures, the creation of the Piano Loop Festival’s Competition in partnership with Bad Ems Festival. Piano Loop Festival has earned an enviable reputation as a significant annual international music festival presenting an outstanding group of world-class artists who have received great exposure and career boosts through their Festival performances.

The Festival takes great care to create a special atmosphere for its artists, lecturers and staff that is warm, stimulating, and filled with mutual respect and cooperation. The Festival’s commitment to developing and promoting the careers of the next generation of great pianists would not be possible without the collaboration of many outstanding professionals in the field of music. Let us mention only a few of them: prof. Lev Natochenny (Germany/USA), prof. Kemal Gekić (USA/Japan), prof.Igor Lazko (France/Russia), prof. Eugene Choi (Germany/Korea) and mo. Eduardo Hubert (Argentina/Italy).

I have had the privilege of being surrounded by some of the greatest pianists of today. It is because of them that I discovered the truth and logic of music – an experience which I felt compelled to share with the next generation of emerging pianists. I feel humbled and deeply touched by the outpour of generosity of our extraordinary faculty who gave it all to the gifted pianists who attended our program. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey that I hope will continue. Our Festivals are the place where our artists display their creativity and shape, and nurture and inspire the next generations of great pianists.

I strongly believe that, apart from so many great artists closely involved with the Festival creating a legacy of knowledge and inspiration, Split with its scenery also provides an environment in which creativity blooms.