Our 2017 Course will offer a week of stimulating and exciting master classes for piano solo, piano trio and piano with chamber orchestra in Josip Hatze Music School in Split, Croatia from August 16 to August 24 2017, with evening concerts and piano forums. You will have the opportunity to meet and hear other young musicians of exceptional standard, and benefit from working with distinguished international "masters".

Daily lessons with members of this distinguished group of teachers help students to develop deeper insights into the repertoire. This unique style of instruction encourages individual interpretation as well as artistic mastery. The members of the Academy faculty bring many special qualities to the program besides artistic excellence: different performing traditions, diverse ideologies, and various cultures.

In addition to private lessons with each instructor, there are master classes, student recitals, and concerts. All events are open to the public, allowing students to learn how to perform in front of an appreciative and discriminating audience. They also learn how to present themselves in a professional context.

Being in an inspirational place such as Split, surrounded by some of the world's finest pianists and teachers, young pianists can benefit from knowledge, experience and contacts for the future. It is never only about the number of points and another accomplishment in their CV. I strongly believe that if pianists are nurtured by outstanding musicians and performers in a creative and non-competitive environment, they will not only find their own voices but will also feel empowered and have the courage to face the difficult path of an artist.

Piano Loop Academy faculty:
Prof. Lev Natochenny 
Prof. Igor Lazko
Prof. Kemal Gekić
Prof. Eugene Choi

The rich offer for tourists as well as the unique cultural heritage and many cultural and tourist events give Split its special charm which makes it an ideal course destination. This eternally young city with around 200.000 inhabitants has lived its urban rhythm for 1700 years with Diocletian's palace at its heart, which is also the historical centre of the city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Piano Loop Festival is organized by Piano projekt Association from Split. Piano Loop Festival is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Split, Split-Dalmatian County and Split Tourist Board. Piano projekt Association is a member of Alink-Argerich Foundation.