PIANO 24 (August 16):

Piano Loop Festival starts with an interesting overture, Piano 24, a pianist marathon which represents a unique project of this kind in Croatia. The recitals are to be performed by a wide range of pianists, most of whom are attendants of Kemal Gekić Summer School and the Piano Loop Festival master workshops. They are to take turns during the day at the concert venue, thus creating continuous background music to the museum.

The concept of Piano 24 is some sort of a readymade in which the pianist who is playing the piano becomes the ready-made object of observation in the art gallery. The usual boundaries between the listener and the performer, as well as the conventional role of the audience whi are sitting and listening, are dematerialized. In that way the audience plays the role of museum visitors examining the exhibits, going in and out at their own discretion as opposed to being defined by the duration of the concert. While explaining the concept of a contemporary museum, Yves Michaud, a famous French critic of contemporary art said: “Hordes of tourists move towards the museums which no longer represent art, instead they are art themselves, some sort of a thermal resort in which culture is turned into a cure of aesthetic experience.” All active attendants of the Piano Loop Festival as well as the attendants of Kemal Gekić Summer School have the right to participate in Piano 24. Biography with the list of relevant competitions and concerts the pianist previously performed at is a prerequisite. The biography should be sent along with the suggested program to the organizer's email address. For more information check our Calendar.