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Traditionally Piano Loop Academy consists of masterclass and concert series and Piano 24, a marathon which represents a unique project of this kind in Croatia. The recitals are to be performed by a wide range of pianists, Piano Loop Academy attendants.
They are to take turns during the day at the concert venue. .” All active attendants of the Piano Loop Academy are welcome to participate in Piano 24. For more information check our Calendar.

The participation fee includes:
• 4 individual lessons (60 minutes) with the chosen professor (or any combination of professors)
• final concert with best participants
• free entrance to all piano recitals and lectures
• free passive participation in any masterclass
• 24-hour emergency assistance
• Masterclass diploma
• Practice rooms (minimum of 3 hours per day)
• Piano 24 (piano marathon)
• Free entrance to all Piano Loop Festival concerts (16-20 August 2022)



Natalia Trull

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Kemal Gekić

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Andreas Frölich

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Leonel Morales

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• Piano 24, a piano marathon which will be held on August 16, is open to all participants. There are no restrictions on time and repertoire.

• Outstanding participants chosen by the faculty will perform on the Piano Loop Academy Closing Concert.
The concept of Piano 24 is some sort of a readymade in which the pianist who is playing the piano becomes the ready-made object of observation in the art gallery. The usual boundaries between the listener and the performer, as well as the conventional role of the audience whi are sitting and listening, are dematerialized. In that way the audience plays the role of museum visitors examining the exhibits, going in and out at their own discretion as opposed to being defined by the duration of the concert. While explaining the concept of a contemporary museum, Yves Michaud, a famous French critic of contemporary art said: “Hordes of tourists move towards the museums which no longer represent art, instead they are art themselves, some sort of a thermal resort in which culture is turned into a cure of aesthetic experience
Vanesa Kleva, Piano Loop Festival/Competition/Academy director and founder


Application and payment
There is no age limit.
All participants will benefit from the carefully scheduled lessons, master classes and advice of all participating professors. The application deadline is June 25, 2023. To apply, please complete and submit the Application Form) which you can access by clicking here, together with a registration fee which is non-refundable. Participants will be notified upon acceptance and given instructions for completing their registration and fee payment.

Students who, according to the evaluation of the Academy faculty and of the Artistic Director of the Piano Lop Academy will have the possibility of being inserted into the Piano Loop Concert Season 2023/24.

To apply for a place in the Piano Loop Academy, please fill in the application form and send registration fee confirmation. Registration fee is non-refundable. In the unlikely event of the Piano Loop Academy being cancelled, your deposit will be refunded. All applications must be received by July 5 2023 (Application Deadline). Any exchange expenses or bank commissions will be charged in full to the student. 

The price does not include:
• Airport transfer with airport shuttle or a taxi.*
• Accommodation*
• Extra lessons during the masterclass.*

*Available upon request


Applications Deadline: 25 June 2022

Please fill out the application form and attach the following document by July 5 2023:
• a payment confirmation for the registration fee which is non-refundable
Registration fee: 750 HRK (100 EUR) due by June 25 2022
The rest of the fee: (380 EUR) due by the start of the Piano Loop Academy, 13 August 2023
Passive participation:
750 HRK, 100 EUR
This needs to be sent with the note ”free of charge for the recipient”

Biokovska 4, 21000 Split, Croatia
Bank account info (outside Croatia):

Holder: Association Piano projekt
IBAN HR1223400091110446410
Account Owner Residence Address: Biokovska 4, Split 21000
Account no. : 2340009-1110446410
Bank Account Name: Privredna banka Zagreb
Bank Residence Address: Rackoga 1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Application form

Applications Deadline: 5 July 2023

Please select professors and number of lessons




Participants may choose to attend the Academy with either ACTIVE or PASSIVE status. ACTIVE participants will be given 4 individual lessons, the opportunity to perform in master classes and at least one public recital. Each day consists of private lessons and master classes. PASSIVE participants are allowed to attend lessons and all other events. Passive participants may be given one lesson with the chosen faculty member (price upon request). Active participants may be given extra lessons with the chosen faculty member (price upon request). Each participant shall receive a Piano Loop Academy diploma. Active participants can shorten the course but not the number of lessons. All lessons and master classes are open to all participants. The majority of instructions will be held in English. However, some lessons and specialized classes may be held in French, Russian, or German. Should the total of 21 valid applications not have been reached by June 25, 2023, the administration reserves the right to shorten the festival, although this measure will not reduce the lesson units per participant. The administration reserves the right, should an instructor be prevented from attending, to provide a comparable substitute at its own discretion or to cancel the course. Should a course be completely cancelled, all paid fees will be reimbursed to the participants. No other claims will be recognized. All active attendants of the Piano Loop Academy have the right to participate at Piano 24.



For written cancellations submitted by the application deadline date, the participation fee will be refunded; the registration fee will, however, be retained. Please always indicate your bank account information in case of cancellation. A refund of the participation fee for withdrawals after the application deadline date is only possible in proven cases of force majeure (e.g. illness, accident). Such withdrawal must be effected before the beginning of the Academy. For later cancellations, the course fee will be retained.
Participation fee cannot be refunded if the candidate stops attendance on his own initiative.

Piano Loop Academy


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