Feldenkrais Method – freeing the body from tension

is a method of neuromotor re-education, which Fraser also studied in depth. Moshe Feldenkrais loved radical ideas – but his seemingly strange notion that "the surest pathway to the soul was through the skeleton" actually makes sense: freeing the body of tension allows the skeleton to come into clearer kinesthetic focus – the sense of self improves. And with improved skeletal alignments, the brain automatically reduces overall muscle tonus, facilitating easier, more effective movement – better use of self. Synthesizing these various strands of thought has made Fraser's approach to piano technique both unique and global in its application: when we return to the body's innate structure and function, we access the best of all the various pre-existing schools of piano technique – finger action, arm weight, pressure, relaxation etc. The aim is not to invalidate our traditions but to integrate and finally rejuvenate them.


• students who wish to improve their sound and agility
• amateurs who wish to feel more in command of the instrument
• teachers who want new ways of teaching technique to their students
• professionals who wish to hone their skills to the highest possible level.

We offer all Gekic students the first Feldenkrais lesson for free. Participants in Maestro Gekic's summer course are invited to participate in Fraser's Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons.
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