The decision to include a piano competition in our Festival came from the intention to foster a more engaging and effective learning. Apart from the basic, educational nature of our program, we believe that this competitive try-out will encourage pianists to make greater improvements. At the same time, our essential goal is to cultivate a supportive and congenial atmosphere, unaffected as much as possible by contest tensions. Furthermore, the festival's essential aim is to nurture a judging system which promotes strictly fair evaluations/scoring, based on interpretational qualities and unaffected by any non-musical aspects.

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Piano Loop Competition is open exclusively to all Piano Loop Academy students with no age limit.

Piano Loop Festival consists of the Academy, Festival and Competition which seek to develop performance capabilities of young piano students, reinvigorate the commitment to piano studies for advanced pianists, and provide an important learning and development experience for professionals.

The choice of the repertoire for the competition is free; however, competitors need to perform at least two major works of different styles and one piano concerto. Single movement or few movements from a cyclic work are acceptable.

Jury shall choose the works from the competitors' list which are to be played in each round.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions on that matter.

First Round

Max. 15 minutes of free program

Semi-Final Round - 

Max. 25 minutes of free program, including required work*

*Required work – three or more pieces from Nine Scenes from "Danijel's Dream" (Dubravko Detoni, Croatian composer) - (click HERE for music sheet)

Final Round

Any concert from the list above:

Piano Loop Competition is an international competition for pianists with no age limit presented by the Piano Loop Festival. Any participant of the Piano Loop Academy and Bad Ems Competition is free to participate in the competition.

Twenty contestants will be accepted to participate in the Competition and their names will be announced to the public.

5 finalist from Bad Ems Competition are directly advanced to the 2 nd round of Piano Loop Competition.

Candidates must assume financial responsibility for all travel-related expenses to and from Split. The Organizer may help upon request with acommodation, meals, and local transportation.  

One parent/guardian must travel with a contestant under the age of 15.

All works are to be performed from memory.

The repertoire must be different for each round.

Participants are permitted to make changes to the repertoire indicated in the application form, but not later than July 1 2017.

The submitted repertoire is subject to review by competition officials.

The competitions are open to the public.

The Organiser shall retain all the rights to video and audio recordings.

Each participant will have his/her rehearsal time prior to the performance, as well as a short acoustic rehearsal in the hall in which the competition will take place.

The competition schedule will be published on the Competition web site and will be printed out in the Competition booklet so that the participants can receive all the necessary information in a timely manner.

The decisions made by the Jury are final and non appealable.

The order of appearance of pianists will be determined by means of a draw conducted by competition officials that will be broadcast online.

All ballots will be written and signed without discussion and submitted to the Jury Chairman.  The Jury Chairman will review the ballots and then submit them to competition officials for scoring.

Jury members will not discuss their opinions and decisions regarding proceedings, marks, or rankings outside the jury room.

Jury members will score each contestant on a range from 1 to 100.

The decision of the jury is final and not subject to questions, revisions, or appeal.

In case of withdrawal of a member of the jury, the Organiser has the right to replace the withdrawn member with a new member.

The competition will consist of the following separate rounds:

1. First Round: 20 contestants

2. Semi-Final Round: 10 contestants (5 from Piano Loop Festival and 5 finalists from Bad Ems Competition)

3. Final Round: 5 contestants

The names of the contestants for the semi-final and final rounds will be publicly announced in the order of performance, without regard to rank. After the final round is completed, the names of 4 winners will be announced in order of rank.

All announced prizes will be awarded.

If any unexpected situations arise in the execution of these guidelines, the Jury Chairman and Piano Loop Festival director will resolve such situations.


1 st prize Piano Loop winner is awarded with:

• concert with orchestra in Split 2017
• solo concert in Split 2018 with 2 days of accommodation

• Piano Loop Academy master class in Split 2018 – full scholarship

2 nd and 3 rd and 4 th prize winners are awarded with:

• A concert with the orchestra (one movement) in Split 2017
• Piano Loop Academy master class in Split 2018 – half scholarship

Festival prize winner shall receive:

• solo concert in Split 2018
• master class in Split 2018 – full scholarship

A special prize will be awarded for the best performance of the Croatian piece
"Nine Scenes from Danijel's Dream" (Dubravko Detoni) and the prize winner will get a concert at Bad Ems Festival in 2018, including the trip and accommodation costs.

The Piano Loop Festival, as the Organiser, reserves the right to amend the Competition Rules.

The original English version of these rules governs all interpretations.


• Kemal Gekić
• Lev Natochenny
• Igor Lazko
• Eugene Choi
• Eduardo Hubert


August 16: Piano 24
PL Academy Master class Day 1
August 17: PL Academy Master class Day 2
August 18: PL Competition Round 1
August 19: PL Academy Master class Day 3
August 20: PL Competition Semi-Final
August 21: PL Academy Master class Day 4
PL Academy Attendant's 1 st concert
Rehearsals for the PC Final-with piano accompanist
August 22: PL Competition Final and prize giving ceremony
August 23: PL Academy Master class Day 5
Winners rehearsals with PL Chamber Orchestra
PL Academy Attendant's 2 nd concert and Festival award ceremony
Auguat 24: Winners rehearsals with PL Chamber Orchestra

Winners concert with PL Chamber Orchestra

The Organizer reserves the right to change the schedule.


• The 1 st Piano Loop Competition will be held in Josip Hatze Music School and Ethnographic Museum (Split, Croatia) from August 16, 2017 until August 24, 2017.

• All participants can attend all festival activities.

Since the Festival and Academy master classes start from the morning hours of August 16, competitors who travel from abroad are advised to arrive to Split by August 15, 2017.

• The piano try-out will be scheduled for August 18 and 19. The exact times of performances and warm-ups will be anounced to participants on August 19.

• Application deadline for the Piano Loop Academy is June 15, 2017. Applicants will receive a confirmation of their acceptance by June 1, 2017 (maximum of 30 pianists will be accepted to participate in master classes). If an applied candidate decides to cancel his/her participation in the Academy, the registration fee will not be refunded. Only if the organizer is informed on that matter no later than May 20, 2017, the registration fee will be refunded (cancellation letter needs to be sent to: piano.loop.festival@gmail.com).

• The winners’ names will be announced and official prize-giving ceremony will be held on August 23, 2017, after the conclusion of the Final Round. The jury’s decision is final; however, all competitors are encouraged to speak with the jury members afterwards.


1. Competition registration fee (click HERE for bank info):

•150 Euros (the competition registration fee needs to be deposited regardless of your Piano Loop Academy registration fee)
•Participants attending Piano Loop Chamber Orchestra master class do not pay 150 Euros of deposit for the competition
•Participants attending Kemal Gekic Summer School pay 75 Euros of deposit for the competition

2. Fill out the competition application form and submit it on-line

3. Please send the following as an attachment to piano.loop.festival@gmail.com:

A copy of deposit payment proof
A recent high-resolution portrait photo (desirable formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf)
A copy of the passport photo page (not required for the citizens of the Republic of Croatia.)

For a full consideration, all the required forms and documents should be received by June 15, 2017. Competition registration fee is not refundable.


Josip Hatze Music School is located in two buildings: "the new" and "the old" one.

The new building houses the recital hall and several practice rooms.

The course is located in "the new school":

Trg hrvatske bratske zajednice 3, 21000 Split; a 10-minute walk from the historical city centre.

More practice rooms are to be found in the old building at: Kralja Tomislava Street 6, right in the historical city center.


All participants apply for a shared room in an apartment in the city centre during the period from August 7 to August 16. Inexpensive accommodation is arranged in the town for both yourself and persons accompanying you directly by our partner agency. It is also possible to extend your stay. In the case of an arrival later than August 7 or departing earlier than August 16, there shall be no money refund for the accommodation. If someone arrives earlier or later, Piano projekt reserves the right to change the accommodation, but will also try to avoid such inconvenience. The fee is fixed.

You can choose to share an apartment with 3 to 5 Summer School participants. In the apartment you can prepare your own meals and interact with other participants of all ages and backgrounds. The flat is located in the heart of Split, a few steps from the famous Diocletian’s palace, a 10-minute walk from the school.

About the apartments:

Although the student flats are not very luxurious, they include all the necessary facilities. Each student flat has a living room with TV, Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen with an oven, a fridge, a washing machine and an iron. The apartments have at least one air-conditioner and each room usually has a fan. No telephones are available in the student flats; we suggest you to use public telephones or local calling centres. You share the kitchen and the bathroom and, together, keep the house clean. Shared areas are professionally cleaned once a week. There is also an option of staying in a single room or even renting the whole apartment.

Application form


Piano 24

If applying please attach your CV



Only for applying for Pano 24



List of selected compositions with the exact duration for each.


First name


Date of birth



Post code, City, Country

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