The rich offer for tourists and the unique cultural heritage with many cultural and tourist events give Split its special charm which makes it an ideal course destination. Located in the heart of Dalmatia, Split is an eternally young city with around 200.000 inhabitants. It has lived its urban rhythm for 1700 years around the Diocletian's palace, the historical centre of the city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The story of Split is already 17 centuries old, dating back to the times when the Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to build his palace there, and ever since then Split has been cherishing its musical tradition. During these 1700 years, the Palace has slowly turned into a city, which to this day allures with its rich tradition, glorious history and beauty of its natural and cultural heritage.  Diocletian's Palace and the entire historical core of Split have been on the UNESCO's World Heritage List ever since 1979, and not only for the extraordinary preservation of the Palace, but also because the Palace and its city continue to live a full life. A walk through the ancient city centre is a voyage through time, along the great examples of ancient architecture such as the Peristyle, Medieval and Romanesque churches and Gothic palaces, Renaissance portals of noblemen’s houses, Baroque façades and modern architecture superbly merged in the rich heritage.  Such stratification is mirrored in the everyday life of Split. Local inhabitants sit in the same cafés and restaurants, shop in the same stores as tourists, giving them the impression that, having arrived to Split, they have become a part of the city and its rhythm. Split is much more than glorious architectural scenery. Split is also the venue for excellent gourmet and wine experiences, numerous cultural happenings including film and theatre festivals, exhibitions, excellent museums and concerts. Also very unusual to find in a city the size of Split are the numerous beaches with extraordinarily clean sea. Piano Loop Festival is organized by the Piano projekt Association from Split. Piano projekt Association is a member of Alink-Argerich Foundation.